Closed DateMedia Accreditation closes on January 6, 2013. If you encounter any problems with the accreditation process please contact Kerise Wright at or

Portland SalutesIn celebration of the 20th anniversary of Rebel Salute & that the event is being held closer to Portland, Also, in recognition of the support the media has given to this event over the years, we present this certificate to you and your guest.

Before the event with your completed Media Accreditation form, please also submit an assignment letter on company letterhead from your Editor. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt and further instructions via email from Flames Production Inc. Please be cognizant of the deadline as an application for accreditation will not be accepted after this date. 

At the EventThe Rebel Salute Media Village with be open at 8:00 pm and will remain open until the end of the event. It will be located behind the stage and may be accessed through the VIP area and at gates to the right and the left of the VIP area. It will facilitate print, radio, internet and broadcast journalists covering Rebel Salute 2012. Internet access will be available to all media personnel.

Only accredited journalists will be allowed into the Rebel Salute Media Village. Your Press armband which you will receive with your package must be worn at all times in order to gain access to the venue and to the Media Village. Only designated media personnel will be allowed on stage during the event. If you are found outside of your area, your access will be revoked. Lost or damaged armbands will not be replaced.

Please also note that the streaming of the event is not allowed. If you are caught doing so you will be escorted from the event and your equipment seized. Rebel Salute Media Village representatives will be available to help coordinate interviews with artistes during the event.