The History

Rebel Salute is undeniably a masterpiece! What began as a show to commemorate the January 15 birthday of reggae icon Patrick “Tony Rebel” Barrett has become a staple on the live music events calendar.

Every year since its first staging in 1994 in Brooks Park, Mandeville, Tony Rebel, and Flames Production Inc. has delivered world-class roots show unlike any other while promoting and preserving the healthier aspects of reggae music. The show has since then been moved to Port Kaiser Sports Complex

What’s New

The 20th Anniversary will find us at our new home at the Richmond Estate in Priory, St. Ann. This change in venue will facilitate a second day, a request that has been made over the years by a great number of Saluters as well as documented and endorsed in a Jamaica Tourist Board survey done in 2011. Interestingly, promoter Tony Rebel is no stranger to St. Ann as he spent some of his formative years in the parish.

What to Expect?

Rebel Salute treats patrons to a drug-free, violence-free, alcohol-free and meat-free, family-oriented environment. Food vendors serve a strict Jamaican vegetarian menu, which is complemented by a diet of cultural roots rap from reggae’s finest. One can truly immerse themselves in Jamaican culture here as authentic Jamaican arts and crafts are also on display and for sale.

The Goal

Rebel Salute has captured the adoration of roots reggae lovers worldwide. Combined with the warm hospitality and abundant culture of the Jamaican people, this event is not one to be missed. Hailed today as a spiritual renaissance, it has become the bedrock for the exposure and celebration of Jamaican roots music.

As the first cultural event for the New Year, the showcase has become a very proud process of reclaiming the moral high ground once occupied by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and others. Nothing can be more symbolic of Jamaica’s cultural legacy than a resounding clash between the heart and the mind: “when the music hits, you feel no pain”.

Objectives of Rebel Salute 2013:

  • To showcase authentic Jamaican culture through music, art, fashion, and food.
  • To promote cultural exchange between Jamaica and the African Diaspora.
  • To promote community tourism and encourage social and environmental responsibility.
  • To partner with cultural groups/organizations, corporations, and government, forging lasting alliances that will preserve and promote authentic Jamaican culture both locally and internationally.
  • To provide a platform for artists to champion their causes.
  • To expose “Saluters” to an event experience where profanity is prohibited, healthy eating is supported and a family vibe is encouraged and highlighted.